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It’s no secret that mobile applications can truly transform your business, no matter your size or industry. But, before creating your own app, you need to consider a number of critical factors, such as security issues, user experience & integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Globo Application Development & Delivery services provide a comprehensive offering that helps companies that do not necessarily have the relevant resources, time or expertise, find their way through the fragmented and diverse mobility environment.

With more than 200 in-house app experts, 700 implemented projects and 30 ready-made apps, Globo is here to support you throughout this journey.

Discover the transformative power of mobile apps

in the white paper authored by Ovum – a market leading research and advisory firm – and find out:

  • THE MOBILE STRATEGY MATURITY MODEL and the position of your organization within it

  • HOW MUCH TRANFORMATIVE the mobile enterprise apps can be when IT departments perform proactively

  • USE CASES OF MOBILE APPS that have transformed business processes

  • THE 8 STEPS towards developing a mobile app strategy

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