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GO!Enterprise Workspace

Protect the enterprise data and applications that matter with our secure workspace — it’s BYOD friendly, extensible and designed for enterprise mobile security.
Enterprise users need productivity solutions on their mobile devices to access corporate resources anywhere and anytime. Enterprise IT can enable this by securing the mobile apps and data deployed to their mobile devices. Ideally, IT would like to deploy business apps that allow users to safely access and work with corporate data without having to lock down devices.
GO!Enterprise Workspace makes all of these possible.

GO!Enterprise Workspace is an enterprise mobility solution which uses a secure mobile application ‘container’ and mobile backend services to provide management, security, control, visibility and compliance to your enterprise applications and data. It includes centralized app management, content management, secure productivity suite, as well as extensible apps that really matter such as ERP, CRM, billing, and ticketing. All data in transit and data at rest inside the container is secured with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography that uses AES 256-bit encryption. All app access is controlled through strong user authentication controls and data sharing controls prevent data loss from the container.

In short, GO!Enterprise Workspace allows your employees to access enterprise systems in a secure and centrally controlled manner, without imposing limitations on their personal applications and device configurations or on their use of personal data or privacy.

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GO!Enterprise Workspace


  • Secure

    Keep your personal and work apps and data separate using a secure mobile app container that runs natively across a wide range of platforms.

  • Enterprise Integration

    Securely connect to backend systems and cloud-based file storage services like Box for easy mobilization of enterprise systems and data.

  • Data Synchronization and Alerting

    Leverage push notifications and offline capabilities.

  • FIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption

    Protect sensitive corporate data at rest and in transit using validated AES-256 bits encryption.

  • Data Loss Prevention and Compliance

    Protect data and maintain compliance using secure controls on app usage and data sharing.

  • App Management and Distribution

    Easily deploy, manage, update, and retire apps onto the mobile app container throughout the app lifecycle.

  • Centralized Management

    Administration, provisioning, app usage monitoring and logging. Easy and simple installation process by the admin.

  • Ready-made Office Productivity Suite

    Secure corporate email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, browser, instant messaging, file management and editing on your mobile device.

  • Custom Mobile

    Rapidly develop secure and manage enterprise apps that matter using a mobile app development platform, GO!AppZone.

  • On-premise,Cloud and On-demand (SaaS)

    On-premise or cloud deployment models with support for multi-tenancy. Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) to connect to enterprise systems from the cloud.

Key Benefits

Cross Platform and Productivity Ready

Our secure workspace has broad cross-platform support and is designed to ensure that your users get
productive — fast. It comes with pre-built secure office apps for email, file management and editing, instant messaging, secure browser, and a secure camera. Your corporate data and applications are always available from anywhere, anytime while on the go and are always
secure. Learn more about GO!Enterprise Office and about GO!Enterprise Workspace platform and feature support.

Centrally Managed App Security

Your IT administrators don’t need another complicated technology to manage. GO!Enterprise Workspace can be easily managed from a web-based administrative console. Your IT team gets to define the appropriate policies for your organization. Key features include secure authentication, centralized application distribution, and configuration management, usage metrics, monitoring and logging. There is no need for a VPN client that unnecessarily exposes your corporate network to all apps (possibly rogue apps) on the mobile device. The secure workspace provides secure app-level connectivity to corporate resources using the Secure Internet Gateway running on the middleware server.

Extensible to Your Needs with Custom Apps

The GO!Enterprise Workspace can be extended with custom mobile apps with a native look and feel by using GO!AppZone, our powerful Mobile Application Development Platform. You can develop enterprise mobile apps and consumer mobile apps that can connect to enterprise backend systems using a versatile middleware server.

Learn more about the technical details of GO!Enterprise Workspace, Server, Security and GO!Apps — ready-made and custom mobile apps hosted in the secure container.

Scalable Mobile Backend Services Fully Integrated with the Enterprise

GO!Enterprise Server enhances mobile apps with enterprise capabilities such as encrypted communications, Integration with wide variety of back-end systems, cloud-based file storage services like Box, data synchronization for offline mode, and push notifications, centralized user authentication, application lifecycle management and usage metrics. We integrate with backend systems like ERP, CRM, billing, ordering, ticketing, databases using web services, native database connections and custom integration connectors.
We also integrate with industry standard and third-party push notifications services. Learn more about GO!Enterprise Workspace Enterprise Integration capabilities.

Data Loss Prevention and Compliance

GO!Enterprise Workspace provides IT with advanced protection against data leakage threats using features such as: remote lock of the mobile client container; remote wipe of data and apps in the mobile client; control of copy-paste from apps managed in the secure container to unmanaged apps; centrally enforced client passcode; and automatic wipe after a period of inactivity or a number of false passcode entries. Geotracking provides the current location for a device and a visual trail of the locations where a GO!Enterprise Workspace client was used for a specific number of days in the past. This is useful for locating devices that may have been lost or stolen and provides the ability to enhance logs of user transactions with location information.

End-to-End FIPS 140-2 validated Encryption

All stored and transmitted enterprise data whether on client or server is protected by the GO!Enterprise Workspace solution using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption modules that are FIPS 140-2 validated. FIPS validation means our technology has passed rigorous testing under CMVP (Cryptographic Module Validation Program) by an accredited third-party lab. And that means it can be used to secure your sensitive corporate information and comply with security requirements in highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and government. We are one of the few in the industry to support FIPS-validated encryption across a broad range of platforms and have included support in our GO!AppZone application development offering.

Fast and Responsive Apps

The apps hosted and managed within the secure container are dynamically rendered using native components and functionality of the mobile OS. These managed apps have quick response times, low bandwidth usage and let users work offline, thanks to their ability to store data securely in the local database of GO!Enterprise Workspace.

Future Proof the Mobile Application Lifecycle

Rapidly deploy application updates remotely to the Workspace container without user involvement and without having to publish to the public or enterprise app stores. Support new device platforms and OS that are frequently introduced into the market without having to undertake an expensive re-write of the mobile app. Simply deploy the updated Workspace client and you are ready to go without code changes, minimal testing and instantly deployed to the device in a completely transparent manner to the end user.

BYOD Friendly

Offers the best end-user experience, freedom of choice, and productivity for end users while maintaining security, control and compliance over corporate applications and data. Enables deployment of BYOD mobile device policies by separating corporate and personal apps and data — always ensuring employee privacy and ability to select a preferred device. There is no need to intrusively manage the device which can be unpalatable to your users.

Flexible Deployment Models: On-premise, Cloud and On-demand (SaaS)

GO!Enterprise Workspace can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud. It supports multi-tenancy and a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) used to provide connectivity to enterprise systems behind the corporate firewall. GO!Enterprise can also be delivered on-demand (SaaS) using
GO!Enterprise247, a self-contained/stand-alone offering designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s simple and easy to set up and includes access to free storage and on-demand (SaaS) Microsoft Exchange email and PIM services.
Learn more about GO!Enterprise Workspace Architecture.

An Offering for Every Need

GO!Enterprise Office: Mobile office productivity solution for secure and controlled access to corporate resources like email and personal information management (PIM) from any mobile device.

GO!Enterprise Mobilizer: Mobilize any business application rapidly and securely. ERP, CRM, ordering, billing, ticketing, and more. A solution ideally suited for business-to-employee mobile apps.

GO!Enterprise Reach: Mobilize any service rapidly, securely. An ideal unified solution for business-to-consumer and government-to-consumer mobile apps.

GO!Enterprise247: Mobile office productivity stand-alone solution designed for small and medium businesses that is delivered on-demand (SaaS) and is simple and easy to setup and includes access to free storage and on-demand (SaaS) Microsoft Exchange email and PIM services.

Don't Take Our Word For It

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  • Samsung
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Intel
  • General Electric
  • Coca Cola
  • Cisco
  • Bank of America
  • Adobe
  • Tradesmen International
  • Texas Bank & Trust
  • Summit Health-Chambersburg Hospital
  • Pittsburgh Mercy Health System

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry

Get GO!Enterprise Workspace Now

Get a 30 Day Free Trial of the GO!Enterprise Workspace user experience for 1 device Simply install the GO!Enterprise WorkSpace client on your mobile device.

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Request a Free Trial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

Contact Our Support
    • Which mobile platforms are compatible with GO!Enterprise Workspace?
      • Android: Handsets & tablets version 4.0 or later
      • iOS: iPhone & iPad version 7.0 or later
      • Blackberry: Version 10
      • Windows Phone: Version 8 & 8.1
      • Windows 8: Version 8 & 8.1
    • Must an Android Tablet have Google play pre-installed or can it work with Apps Lib application for downloading the GO!ES Workspace

      You must install Google play for the notifications to work properly. The application will work but you will receive alerts to create account in Google play.

    • Do you support Secure Browsing in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8?

      At the current version, Secure browsing is supported only for Android and iOS and not for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8/8.1, but it will soon be available for them as well.

    • Can I use GO!Enterprise Workspace on a non smart phone device?

      You can’t install and use the GO!Enterprise Workspace on such a device.

    • Can we install GO!Enterprise Workspace on a BlackBerry phone device without SD memory card?

      It’s not possible to install GO!Enterprise Workspace on a Black Berry device that does not have SD memory card or SD connection input.

    • If an Android phone has been rooted/jailbroken, is it compatible?

      We also permit the use on rooted/jailbroken devices, as the safety standards that we have are covered by the fact that our application acts as a sandbox with AES 256bits encryption. Consequently the security level of our services is the same no matter if a device is rooted/jailbroken or not, although administrators through GO!Enterprise Administration Environment can apply a relevant security policy to block rooted/jailbroken devices.

    • Can we create & edit files (e.g. Word, Excel or Pdf) through GO!Enterprise Workspace?

      Secure Office is offered for free either for GO! Enterprise on premise/cloud or for GO! Enterprise247 cloud installations. It is currently available for Apple’s iOS and Android GO! Enterprise Workspace and soon it will also be available for Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8/8.1. In summary the provided features are:

      • View and edit doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx & pptx
      • Open new/blank doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx & pptx
      • Annotate pdf
      • Save as pdf
      • View jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff

      You can also view the following file types: zip, eml, vcf, txt, html, mp4

    • What are the system requirements for GO!Enterprise Server installation?

      It is highly recommended to run GO!Enterprise Server on its own Windows Server.
      The system on which GO!Enterprise Server will be installed should have the following specifications:

      Minimum hardware requirements

      •  Intel® Pentium® IV, at least 2 GHz
      • At least 4GB RAM
      • At least 250GB HDD

      Operating system requirements

      • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 (including R2) or 2012 (including R2)

      Software requirements

      • Microsoft ASP.NET framework 3.5 (required in addition to ASP.NET 4.5 which by default is installed in the case of Windows Server 2012)
      • IIS7, with ASP.NET enabled (although compatibility is achieved with IIS6 or later, to avoid IIS6 registry issue, IIS7 is highly recommended)

      Note: The GO!Enterprise Server Web Components will be installed in the IIS Default Web Site. Any custom IIS setting could cause installation issues, therefore it is highly recommended to keep the standard settings of the IIS Default Web Site.

      • Corporate SSL certificate (Highly recommended to enhance communication security between GO!Enterprise Server and GO!Enterprise Workspaces running on mobile devices)
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later, Adobe Reader and WinZip

      Login permissions requirements

      • Log on locally with local permissions
      • Log on as a service
      • Local Administrator
      • Valid Domain user account
    • What are the GO!Enterprise Server Database requirements?

      Database requirements

      • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2012 Standard, Enterprise or Express editions

      Note: Express editions are not recommended to be used in production environments but they can be used for proof of concept trials.

      • SQL needs Mixed Mode authentication
      • SQLBROWSER, Named Pipes and TCP Sockets must be all enabled for remote SQL server access

      SQL permissions requirements
      During installation it is optional to use an existing and separate Microsoft SQL Server or create a new Microsoft SQL Server, Express edition, within the same Server that the GO!Enterprise is going to be installed.
      If the database is to be created on a separate Microsoft SQL Server, the following SQL permissions need to be set.
      To create a new database, you require the following permissions:

      • SQL Server role: Server Administrators, Database Creators
      • Database role: not applicable

      To populate a new and empty database during install, you require the following permissions:

      • SQL Server role: Server Administrators
      • Database role: db_owner
    • What are the GO!Enterprise Server Network requirements?

      GO!Enterprise Server requires internet access and depending on the installation, it should have access (internet or LAN) to those back-end systems (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft Dynamics etc.) which is going to communicate.

      • For internal use, it is necessary that the GO!Enterprise Server has a Unique Hostname (a valid web domain) accessed via an External Static IP address (e.g. http://goes.acme.com)
      • For external use, it is not necessary for the GO!Enterprise Server to have a Unique Hostname (a valid web domain) accessed via an External Static IP address (e.g. http://goes.acme.com)

      GO!Enterprise Server must be able to reach (either directly or via proxy), both during and after the installation, the following external web sites:


      Destination (outbound)Port(s)Description
      license.goenterpriseserver.com (Address: and 443necessary to authenticate GO!Enterprise licenses with Globo
      get.goenterpriseserver.com (Address: and 443necessary to receive GO!Enterprise Server updates and redirect mobile browsers requests to download the appropriate GO!Enterprise Workspace
      apps.goenterpriseserver.com (Address: and 443necessary to receive GO!Enterprise Office ready-made apps
      crm.goenterpriseserver.com (Address: and 443necessary to authenticate Globo’s product from CRM
      goesdns.goenterpriseserver.com (Address: and 443optional to authenticate Globo’s dns-type subdomains if used to demo GO!Enterprise
      monitoring.goenterpriseserver.com (Address: and 443optional to send status & statistics to Globo from a GO!Enterprise installation
      android.googleapis.com/gcm/send80 and 443Android Push Notifications
      cp262.pushapi.na.blackberry.com/mss/PD_pushRequest80 and 443Blackberry Push Notifications
      sn1.notify.live.net80 and 443Windows Phone Push Notifications
    • Does GO!Enterprise Server support proxy server?

      Yes.You can use the default proxy settings or specify custom ones through the configuration utility of the GO!Enterprise server.

    • Can I change the web domain (URL) under which I have installed the GO!Enterprise server?

      From version 2.0 of GO! Enterprise Server and above you can change the web domain (URL) under which you have made the installation. You do not need to reinstall GO!Enterprise server. For previous versions you cannot make this change.

    • Are there any additional requirements for the GO!Enterprise Office product package?

      When the GO!Enterprise Office product package for Microsoft Exchange is going to be implemented, the following are required:

      • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 or later, with Exchange Web Services (EWS) enabled (to support the GO!Email & PIM app).
      • Access to the Windows Domain Controller (LDAP) and File shares (to support the Contacts and GO!Files apps).

      After the initial installation of GO!Enterprise Server, you should log in the Administration Environment and revise the settings for synchronizing with the Exchange Server. Navigate to Options>Applications. Expand the GO!Mail&PIM application and select Edit next to the version you want to configure. Navigate to GO!Mail&PIM application parameters>Syncronization Settings. At Push notifications server URL, you can specify the address (as “seen” by the Mail server) of the server used for pushing notifications.
      The Push notifications server URL parameter of GO!Email&PIM app is very critical to correctly support GO!Enterprise Office with Exchange.
      Upon the initial installation, this parameter is blank by default and, thus, GO!Enterprise uses polling to synchronize Exchange items (emails, calendar events, tasks etc.). Although synchronization is achieved, this approach is resources hungry and it typically results in slow delivery of emails and other items to the mobile devices.
      To optimize the Exchange items (emails, calendar events, tasks etc.) synchronization, the use of Exchange push notifications is recommended. So, you should set in this parameter the GO!Enterprise IP or Server name that the Exchange use either through HTTP or HTTPS to send the Exchange push notifications. Therefore, based on the network topology between GO!Enterprise and Exchange, it is recommended to set this parameter according to the following table.

      Network topology between GO!Enterprise and ExchangeSSL certificate on GO!EnterpriseGO!Enterprise PortGO!Email&PIM parameter (The server to receive Exchange push notifications)
      Internal connectionNoPort 80 (HTTP)Set GO!Enterprise internal IP or internal Server name in the form of http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx
      External (public) connectionYesPort 80 (HTTP)Set GO!Enterprise public domain name in the form of http://mygoenterprise.com
      Port 443 (HTTPS)Set GO!Enterprise public domain name in the form of https://mygoenterprise.com
      NoPort 80 (HTTP)Set GO!Enterprise public domain name in the form of http://mygoenterprise.com
    • What is required for connecting with the LDAP server

      The following are required for LDAP connectivity:


      Protocol and PortAD and AD DS UsageType of traffic
      TCP and UDP 389Directory, Replication, User and Computer Authentication, Group Policy, TrustsLDAP
      TCP 636Directory, Replication, User and Computer Authentication, Group Policy, TrustsLDAP SSL
      TCP 3268Directory, Replication, User and Computer Authentication, Group Policy, TrustsLDAP GC
      TCP 3269Directory, Replication, User and Computer Authentication, Group Policy, TrustsLDAP GC SSL
      TCP and UDP 53User and Computer Authentication, Name Resolution, TrustsDNS
    • What is required for connecting with the File server

      The following are required for connecting with the file server in order to utilize the “Files & Folders” functionality:

      Protocol and PortServiceType of traffic
      TCP 139Session service for connection-oriented communicationNetBIOS
      TCP 445Server Message BlockSMB
      UDP 137Name service for name registration and resolutionNetBIOS
      UDP 138Datagram distribution service for connectionless communicationNetBIOS
    • Is GO!Enterprise Server compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003?

      This combination does not work. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 works with WEBDAV, while GO!Enterprise Server uses Exchange Web Services.

    • Does GO!Enterprise Server work with Office 365 Exchange Server

      Yes GO!Enterprise Server is compatible with Office 365 Exchange Server.

    • Are there any additional requirements for the GO!Enterprise Mobilizer product package?

      When implementing GO!Enterprise in the context of a GO!Enterprise Mobilizer solution, you must ensure:

      • Accessibility to the back-end applications/systems (e.g. ERP, CRM) that are used from the GO!Apps (developed by the GO! AppZone Studio)
    • During GO!Enterprise Server installation, do I have to install SSL certification on the IIS?

      You do not have to install SSL certificate to the IIS server of your installation. GO!Enterprise Server can function in port 80 too, without any problem.

    • Regarding IIS why the licenses appear to be invalid?
      • For IIS 6, check in the properties of the “Default First Site”, the IP Address of the Web Site must be set to “All Unassigned”.
      • For IIS 7, check in the ‘Bindings’ of the “Default First Site”, the IP Address of the http and https protocols must be set to “All Unassigned”.
    • Which types of SSL certificates are compatible with GO! Enterprise Server

      GO! Enterprise Server is compatible with all well-known types of certificate such as VeriSign, Comodo, GoDaddy etc. GO! Enterprise Server does not support any kind of self-signed certificates.

    • How we can import licenses?

      In GO!Enterprise Administration Environment, select the Licenses tab under the Options menu. Select the Import licenses button located on the Top bar. Then, the Import license form opens up in the screen, where you can import a license in one of the following ways:

      • Manually: copy the text file of the license and paste it to the form. Then click Submit.
      • From file: browse your disk to find the license file and then click Upload.
    • How can we publish applications?
      Publish means that an application that has been uploaded and its status is uploaded or debug turns to be active that is to be accessible by clients. Publish command also deletes all the previous versions of the application and makes them automatically inactive. Older inactive are deleted. Select Applications under the Options Menu in the Menu Panel. Go to Applications list. Select the (+) to view the specific versions of the application. Select the Edit button next to the version you want to publish or double-click it. The corresponding application form opens up. Select the form button Publish to publish the application. Note: There are applications which need parameterization. More info on setting the parameters of an application are found on the GO!Enterprise Administration Environment manual.
    • How can we uninstall GO!Enterprise server application?

      You can navigate to Programs and Features under the Windows Control Panel and use it to fully uninstall the GO!Enterprise Server components as well as its installer. Then, go to the folder where you had installed the GO!Enterprise Server (e.g. C:\Programs Files (x86)\Globo) and delete the folder GO!Enterprise Server Configuration.

    • Can I use with GO!Enterprise server demo more than one devices at the same time?

      GO!Enterprise server 30 days demo is designed to be used from a single device. In commercial live situations of course a single user can have more licenses for additional devices to access the same account using different devices.

    • Why the user cannot login to GO!Enterprise Server?

      Most common cases are the following:

      • The user has been disabled by the Admin.
      • The user has been excluded from Active Directory (LDAP)[only for domain users].
      • The license of the user has been downgraded or expired (only for mobile clients or developers)
      • The system cannot connect to Licensing Server of GLOBO, so after a specified time, all licenses are cancelled automatically.
      • User has been connected to GO!Enterprise Server via the maximum number of devices allowed. The Admin can give him access to the device the user wants to be connected through the Edit user form by locking one of the rest of devices he is subscribed to.
    • I get connected to GO!Enterprise Server but I cannot view any data (e.g. emails, folders etc.)

      The explanation lays on one of the following scenarios:

      • The server (node) which holds the specified data has been disabled by the Admin of the system.
      • The user has been disabled from access to the server (node) which holds the specified data. This is set through the Edit User form of the Admin console.
      • Basic server components have been uninstalled or been stopped.
      • Wrong settings for Microsoft Exchange Server / Domain Controller or no access from GO!Enterprise server to those systems.
    • User cannot view in the mobile phone user interface all the applications he has been given access to (according to his group).

      The explanation lays on one of the following scenarios:

      • The user has been individually disabled from an application, so this setting prevails any group setting of the user.
      • The applications (that cannot be viewed) may require, as precondition, access to other applications to which the user isn’t set to have access.
    • Admin cannot send an invitation message (email or sms) to the New User.
      • The email or mobile phone number fields, in the User details form of the New User, are not valid.
      • The license attributed to the User is not valid or has expired.
    • On the quick configuration of GO!Enterprise Server, in the Start Wizard, I created a group and cannot find it.

      Check if you had forgotten to select Save at the left top of Add Groups tab of the Start Wizard. In this step of the configuration, it is a common mistake that users just select Next and forget to press Save.

    • Why I cannot synchronize my mail account with GO!Enterprise Server?

      Check if during the installation you have been registered as a domain user or not. If you haven’t, you need to reinstall GO!Enterprise Server again and make the appropriate registration.

    • What is the size of the uploading files in IIS? We use the same method in GO!ES for sending attachments and for shared folders.

      You could also go to the IIS GUI, click your website, double-click on request filtering, and alter the maximum allowed content length under Edit Feature Settings in the Actions Window (right side of the screen). The default value for the specific field is 30000000 in bytes, which is something less than 30 MB.

    • Large amount of CPU usage on Exchange Server.

      In order to resolve the issue you should follow the procedure below:

      1. Open GO!ES admin console, click on the ‘Options’ menu and then on the ‘Applications’.
      2. Expand ‘GO!MAIL&PIM’ and click on ‘Edit’ button. If there is more than one versions installed click on then one that says active
      3. In the new window choose the ‘Application Parameters’ tab, scroll down until you find the field ’The Server to receive Exchange Push Notifications ‘ and click edit.
      4. Finally in the value field enter the IP address that MS Exchange is able to communicate with your GO!ENTERPRISE server. The optimal approach is to use the private IP address or the computer name without the use of https.
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