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GO!Enterprise MDM

Smart mobility management for the smart enterprise. From devices to apps to data.

As more and more consumer-oriented mobile devices find their way into your enterprise, you are faced with new opportunities, and new challenges. How do you manage mobile devices running different operating systems and platforms — Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows? How do you simplify the complexities of supporting your mobile workforce but maintain enterprise mobile secure? How do you adopt an enterprise-wide mobility strategy that is flexible and scalable?
It begins with GO!Enterprise MDM.

From a single administrative console, GO!Enterprise MDM provides your enterprise with the 360-degree visibility you need to control and manage oversight, and enforce mobility policies throughout your enterprise. It allows your IT administrators to manage and secure corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE) and individual-liable devices (BYOD) regardless of operating system, carriers, or email platform.

Whether on-premise or on-demand (SaaS), GO!Enterprise MDM provides a number of features including policy creation, real-time device and user statistics, app management, file sharing, compliance management, audit tracking and report generation. GO!Enterprise MDM is simple, smart, efficient, and complete. It's all part of our end-to-end mobile solutions for the enterprise.

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  • On-Premise and On-Demand (SaaS)

    Offers flexible delivery models in the enterprise and cloud.

  • Centralized Dashboard Monitor

    Provides graphical view of the mobile usage in the enterprise sliced by policy, device type, ownership, and more.

  • Policies
    and Security

    Uses compliance manager to detect and enforce remediation actions like remote lock and wipe, and secure data with FIPS 140-2 certified encryption.

  • App Management & File Distribution

    Enables blacklist and whitelist apps, remote install/uninstall apps, integration with public app stores, and provides users with file sharing.

  • Real-time Statistics and Reports

    Monitor device profiles, data usage, app inventory, location, and more.

  • End User Self-service Portal

    Allows your users to locate, lock, wipe a device, and manage apps.

  • Shared

    No need to wipe, re-provision or re-enroll the device for each user, simply re-authenticate to re-profile the shared device for a new user. The device remains secure all the time while assigned to a user and in transition between users.

  • Enterprise Integration

    Integrate with key enterprise systems like NAC controllers, email, LDAP, SAML-based, and certificate-based authentication services.

Key Benefits

On-Premise or On-Demand Delivery

With GO!Enterprise MDM, you can choose where your MDM solution is hosted — we accommodate both on-premise and on-demand (SaaS) delivery. With our SaaS offering, you get the same functionality as the on-premise platform with no additional hardware or software installation required at your site. Both versions can be deployed as virtual machines and support a multi-tenant architecture. Learn more about the architecture.

Create Security Policies for Mobile Usage

Designed from the ground up with security in mind, GO!Enterprise MDM lets you create policies easily using built-in tools. Define and enforce usage policies, provision users for secure access, separate corporate and personal data, and disable certain features for more regulated environments. You can use our adjustable sliders to set predetermined security levels based on device ownership, depending on your needs.

Gain Visibility

Monitor mobile device usage in the enterprise, and leverage real-time views of device platform type, carrier, policy, ownership, device location and history trail, data usage, encryption status, installed apps and much more. The GO!Enterprise MDM has a centralized dashboard monitor that allows you to choose 30+ graphs to instantly get a global view of the mobile devices being used in the workplace.

Enforce Policies

Your IT team calls the shots. They establish usage policies on everything from compliance management to personal restrictions, and time-based policy usage and role-based administration. GO!Enterprise MDM ensures that devices connecting into the GO!Enterprise MDM server are complying with their designated policies. Non-compliant devices are denied access to all corporate resources, and your administrator will be notified immediately so action can be taken.

Manage Applications and Files

Make sure your IT team knows how your mobile users are accessing data. You can remotely install or uninstall specific apps, define whitelisted and blacklisted apps for users and/or groups, and integrate with public app stores.

Monitor Real-time Usage

Want to know who is roaming and the amount of data their devices are using for business and personal use? Want to increase Help Desk efficiencies with quickly capturing device and user information such as battery life, device memory, signal strength, encryption status, location and location history and more? GO!Enterprise MDM provides usage indicators for uploaded and downloaded data, giving you the visibility you need.

Generate Reports

View and export reports to analyze device statistics, user information, system alerts, phone and text logs, as well as administrative activity.

Give Users Flexibility with Self-Service Portals

An optional self-service portal allows your users to initiate a remote wipe or lock their device if it is stolen, locate their device if it is misplaced, recover their password, or view and install mobile applications all under complete oversight of your administrator.

Integrate Enterprise Systems

GO!Enterprise MDM integrates with a range of enterprise systems including Network Access Controllers for comprehensive visibility and network access policy enforcement and Enterprise Directory Systems such as Active Directory or LDAP with single sign on support. And to allow your users to access their email from their mobile devices, it integrates with your enterprise mail system and uses a certificate-based authentication for users accessing the corporate network and applications. Learn more about enterprise integration.

Provides the Highest Level of Security

GO!Enterprise MDM uses FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules to encrypt data at rest and data in transit. This ensures all critical data handled by GO!Enterprise MDM is highly secure and protected. Passwords, files, and other sensitive data are encrypted to ensure the highest level of compliance with IT security requirements.

Supports Shared Devices — Provision Just Once

IT organizations in a range of industries including healthcare, education and retail environments often deploy mobile devices that are shared by multiple users. The shared devices support in GO!Enterprise MDM allows your IT team to provision these shared devices just once, so that a new user does not have to re-enroll the device whenever ownership changes. Once your employees sign in to the device, they are automatically provisioned with a role-based configuration.

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  • Samsung
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Intel
  • General Electric
  • Coca Cola
  • Cisco
  • Bank of America
  • Adobe
  • Tradesmen International
  • Texas Bank & Trust
  • Summit Health-Chambersburg Hospital
  • Pittsburgh Mercy Health System

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • TouchDown for iOS & Android
  • Samsung KNOX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

Contact Our Support
    • Can GO!Enterprise MDM leverage BlackBerry Balance on BlackBerry 10 devices?

      No. GO!Enterprise MDM cannot take advantage of the BlackBerry Balance functionality as BlackBerry 10 devices must be connected to a BES 10 server.

    • Can GO!Enterprise MDM be downloaded on a Wi-Fi only device?


    • If an end user turns off the device or leaves a coverage area, can GO!Enterprise MDM still perform a remote wipe or lock?

      Once the admin initiates the command, the device will then be wiped or locked upon being powered back on or once it re-enters a coverage area. This command will persist until the device receives the command or the admin removes the device from the server.

    • What prevents a user that does not have a GO!Enterprise MDM client on their iPad from connecting to the network if they know the SSID and password?

      GO!Enterprise MDM cannot stop the connection to the network, however Notify MDM can limit access to resources like corporate email and PIM using GO!Enterprise MDM’s Compliance Manager.

    • Can GO!Enterprise MDM detect roaming without location tracking turned on?

      Yes, roaming is not a function of location services but a statistic that is being sent to us from the device.

    • If a phone enters a roaming area, will the user be notified?

      The end user will be notified via email when they are in a state of Non-Compliance. The administrator will also be notified via email. The message can be customized to reflect the setting, such as roaming, with which the device is non-compliant.

    • How does GO!Enterprise MDM push apps? What is required to do this?

      The apps would be uploaded to the server using an iTunes account for Apple or a Google Play account for Android. Permissions to these apps are granted in the policies created for your users. For example, on an iOS device you can force push the app by selecting “yes” in the policy creation wizard for app push. The Apple ID of the user that logged into the iTunes store to retrieve the app is used to push that app to their device.

    • Can we prevent users from unregistering the GO!Enterprise MDM app on their device?

      No, however GO!Enterprise MDM’s Compliance Manager can block users who do not have the MDM app from accessing corporate email, apps, and files while notifying the administrator that the device is in a state of non-compliance.

    • Can policies be set up by location or group?

      Policy Suites can be setup in any configuration needed by the administrator. For example, city by city, state by state, country by country, etc.

    • Can we force a sync outside of the GO!Enterprise MDM sync schedule?

      Yes, from the device only.

    • Can we blacklist/whitelist apps?

      Yes. GO!Enterprise MDM provides the ability to set application whitelists and blacklists. Though GO!Enterprise MDM cannot prevent a user from installing a blacklisted app, GO!Enterprise MDM’s Compliance Manager will however detect that a blacklisted app has been downloaded and can enforce access restrictions to prevent the user from accessing corporate resources like email, apps list, and files until the app is removed.

    • How is GO!Enterprise MDM licensed?

      GO!Enterprise MDM is available both as an On-Premise or On-Demand (cloud) offering. Licenses are structured per device, per year and include maintenance and support.

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