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    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our New York Office.
  • New York
  • 247 West 35th Street
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  • NY 10001
  • Phone +1 330-702-3070
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  • Palo Alto
  • 2191 E Bayshore Rd, Suite 200
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  • Canfield
  • 6570 Seville Drive
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    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our San Francisco Office.
  • San Francisco
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  • CA 94108
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    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our Pittsburgh Office.
  • Pittsburgh
  • 2403 Sidney Street, Suite 500
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  • Fax +1 408 689 9649
    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our London Office.
  • London
  • 41 Lothbury
  • EC2R 7HG U.K.
  • Phone +44-(0) 207 378 8828
  • Fax +44-(0) 207 403 6500
    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our Dubai Office.
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Al Thuraya Tower 1 (Office no. 201)
  • Sheikh Zayed
  • Phone +971 4 4467582
  • Fax +971 4 4468736
    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our Athens Office.
  • Athens
  • 67 Ethnikis Antistaseos str & Eptanisou str.
  • 152 31, Halandri
  • Phone +30 21 21 21 8000
  • Fax +30 210-68 46 633
    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our Bangalore Office.
  • Bangalore
  • 39, 41, 42 Salarpuria Infozone
  • Electronic City Phase 1
  • 560100
  • Karnataka
  • Phone +91 080 4065 0855
    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our Singapore Office.
  • Singapore
  • 350 Orchard Rd
  • No. 11-08 Shaw House, 238868
  • Phone +65 6725 9911
    Global HeadquartersYou are closest to our Cyprus Office.
  • Limassol
  • Agias Fylaxeos &
  • 2 Zinonos Rossidi str.
  • 3082 Limassol
  • Phone +35 725 381530
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Have fun staying in touch with friends and family. Tweet, post, link anytime, anywhere, any device.

With GO!Social, life just got a little more exciting, and a lot more social. Suitable for youth and the young at heart, and parents alike, GO!Social is the consumer mobile service from Globo that offers a single sign on and transparent operation with popular social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Social media plays a key role today in keeping friends, family and colleagues in touch, and lets them communicate instantly from anywhere around the world, at any time.
This service is ideal for mobile operators, value-added service (VAS) providers, handset manufacturers and all those looking to enhance their VAS product portfolios with an innovative consumer service. It’s also perfect for emerging markets, and can be easily adapted to a particular legacy handset screen — providing the easy functionality consumers need on social networks. And best of all, it offers providers the ability to localize and personalize services they offer to their customers.

With GO!Social, mobile operators can enhance the services they provide to consumers, and capture an additional revenue stream for offerings.


  • Easy to install

    It’s an app your customers simply download. They create an account with a user name and password, and start interacting with their favorite social media.

  • Compatible

    GO!Social is compatible with a wide range of legacy platforms — some 650+ devices.

  • User Friendly

    Once signed in, your customers can interact with social networks, find photos and contacts, and post messages easily and transparently.

  • Single Sign on

    Secure authentication services ensure that your users do not have to enter their credentials more than once.

Key benefits for Consumers

Easy to use

Provides your customers with transparent access via a single sign on to all social media. Your users simply select the social media services they want to use and can interact easily and transparently from one service to the next — finding photos, contacts, posting messages and messaging friends, family and colleagues.

Fast and cost efficient

To make the application more efficient for different handset screens, we have adapted the content to have the right resolution for a particular handset screen.
This capability makes the app perform faster and be more cost effective for your customers when downloading content — and provides you with a competitive advantage.

Key benefits for MNOs, VASPs

Easy integration and provisioning

GO!Social has been designed to easily integrate with your billing and provision back-end systems. Fast integration with no overhead helps you get to market quickly.

Personalization and localization

GO!Social provides support for different languages, and can be personalized in your local language.
In addition, in a custom approach you can select the most popular local social media networks in your geographic region and Globo can add them to the product offering.*
*Note: Based upon a technical feasibility study.

A value-add service

By capitalizing on the social media trend, you can offer consumer services that will enhance your customer loyalty and help your service offerings stand out from the crowd.

Supported Platforms

  • All Java-enabled mobile handsets (more than 650)
  • Blackberry Legacy
  • WAP
  • WEB Desktop