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Mobile Application Management

As more enterprises give employees access to enterprise resources on their mobile devices to improve productivity, the use of public and custom mobile apps is on the rise. These apps are vulnerable to corporate security breaches due to the lack of encryption, malware, unauthorized access, and data leaks. In addition to securing devices, IT now faces the challenge of securing and managing the apps. Globo has the ideal mobile app management solution to answer the challenge.

Securing and Managing Mobile Apps

Your IT organization needs a mobile application management solution for the rapid and secure acquisition, distribution, monitoring, and deployment of enterprise mobile apps. As the use of mobile devices and apps continues to grow in your enterprise, IT will need to manage mobile apps ensuring centrally enforced and on-going compliance with privacy and corporate security policies, industry regulations across a wide variety of mobile platforms and for a diverse set of end users including your employees, partners, and customers.

Meeting IT Requirements

With advanced mobile application management functionality from Globo, your IT team can rapidly deploy custom in-house apps, company-approved public apps and third-party mobile apps on corporate-liable (COPE) or employee-liable (BYOD) devices, without having to go through the public app stores. Globo’s app management solution enables:

  • Deploying updates
  • Managing configurations
  • Authenticating end users
  • Separating business and personal apps and data
  • Enforcing data loss prevention measures
  • Allowing per-app tunneling
  • Detecting non-compliance
  • Initiating enforcement and remediation actions such as remote wipe/lock, decommissioning applications, and synchronizing the latest app versions
  • Providing services for real time monitoring of application usage and tracking, including enforcement of security rules, alerts based on application usage, and logging of application activity.

Management and Security Across the Mobile App Lifecycle

A comprehensive MAM solution that addresses the complete mobile application lifecycle should provide IT with the ability to create and manage mobile apps starting from the procurement and design/development/testing stages all the way to distributing, securing, and managing of mobile apps. It should provide a secure mobile application development environment for the rapid development of secure custom apps. It should also include a deployment infrastructure built on key components like mobile device management and secure workspace platforms.

Management and Enforcing App Usage Policies

A powerful MAM solution should provide IT with an enterprise app catalog that offers the ability to remotely install and uninstall apps, whitelist and blacklist apps for compliance with corporate policy, enable enforcement/remediation actions, and integrate with public app stores.

 App Management Using Secure Workspace

The widespread use of bring your own device (BYOD) policies introduces the need for a dual- persona solution using a secure mobile app container (workspace) that separates personal and work apps and data. Being able to instantly deploy and manage apps into the secure container on corporate or employee-owned devices, without having to use public app stores is key. The secure workspace has critical enterprise features built in to the platform like access control, encryption, data loss prevention controls, centralized management, and backend integration with enterprise systems.

Future Proofing and Optimizing Costs

A powerful mobile application solution is future proof. It requires no user-intervention to deploy and update apps and minimal effort to support new mobile device platforms and OS updates. With Globo, your administrator can easily schedule and remotely install and update workspace apps without the involvement of an end user. The solution also does not trigger a development-intensive initiative to re-write mobile apps for new mobile device platforms or OS updates that are frequently introduced into the marketplace. With Globo, you simply update the secure workspace client and all of your workspace apps will continue to work with minimal code changes and testing and they can be instantly deployed.The GO!Enterprise and GO!AppZone portfolio addresses the needs of managing enterprise mobile applications across the complete mobile application lifecycle using mobile device management, secure workspace and productivity solutions, and mobile application development platforms. These platforms are further complemented by Globo’s mobile application development and delivery services and EMM services offering.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry

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