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Finance Mobility Solutions

Whether accessing personal bank accounts, investment portfolios, or e-commerce payment services, security and confidentiality remain paramount concerns for your customers. Business-to-employee mobility for enhancing productivity is just as important.

Your financial customers today are demanding access to their banking data from anywhere on any device. More than 50 percent of smartphone users have used mobile banking in the last year and the most common mobile payment was bill payment online. While e-commerce, mobile wallets and mobile POS are hot trends, the key factors limiting consumer adoption are security and compliance concerns.

Meeting Mobility Challenges

As a financial institution, you have to create comprehensive strategies around mobility use and security — or be left behind from a competitive standpoint.When money is at stake, the stakes are much higher on ensuring security —

or your institution could be held liable for breaches that not only damage your reputation and brand but also cost you thousands to millions in damages. Your challenge? Incorporate mobility in a way that achieves the most productivity gains without compromising data security.Not only do you have to address business-to-consumer but also business-to-employee mobility solutions. You need to enable your finance professionals and employees to get fast access to client information, perform transactions, execute investments, analyze markets, and more.