5 New Rules for Building Enterprise Apps That Matter

Download the "5 New Rules for Enterprise Apps That Matter" White Paper

Mobile enterprise apps offer the potential to generate billions in new revenue, while significantly improving employee productivity. In short, they are apps that matter. However according to IDC, 1 in every 3 enterprise apps fall short of expectations due to major challenges with usability, security, maintenance, and more.

At Globo, we’re helping the world’s leading brands overcome these barriers by harnessing the absolute latest best practices in mobile app development and deployment. Forward thinking companies are quickly embracing 5 new rules to deliver apps that matter, and we’d like to share them with you.

  • 1. Recognize it’s a B-2-Infinity World

  • 2. Start with a User-Centric Design

  • 3. Don’t Treat Security as an Afterthought

  • 4. Beware the Mobile OS Monster

  • 5. Start with a Pure-Play Partner

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