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Become a Partner

Choose the product that best fits to your company needs and become an authorized partner of GO!Enterprise Server.

Choose the product that best fits to your company needs and become an authorized partner of GO!Enterprise Server.

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Mobilizing enterprises takes a community, and Globo Partners are key. Become one, or simply leverage our network.

If you’re looking to simplify enterprise mobility and deliver a comprehensive solution that includes mobile device, content, and application management, then you’ve come to the right place.

We were an early entrant in the enterprise mobility space, and today have nearly two decades of experience building and scaling enterprise mobility solutions, and are committed to continuous product development and innovation.

As a Globo Partner, you’ll be in good hands. We team up with partners around the world to help them solve real business problems for their customers.

Our partner community includes distributors, value-added resellers, and other specialized partners such as system integrators, independent software vendors, consultants, and original equipment manufacturers. All of our partners have one goal in mind: getting the most effective Globo solution for our joint customers.Mobile is the future, and it’s here today with Globo.

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1. Distributors/Resellers

Distributors and Resellers are authorized by Globo to resell our offerings to partners and end-users respectively. We value them for their selling capabilities.


Value Added Resellers (VARs) create solutions around Globo products. VARs sell Globo licenses to customers as part of their solution. Their solution may involve applications, customization and/or services for deploying Globo’s technology.


System Integrators (SIs) may sell licenses, but their primary business activity focuses on providing services around Globo products that could involve a modified application, custom solution building and/or services for deploying Globo’s technology.

2. Specialized Partners

Specialized partners are leading companies that provide supplementary sales and technology expertise and quality services, enhancing Globo’s mobility offerings.


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create and market software applications that are compatible with a Globo product to expand the market for both the ISV and Globo. The license is not embedded in the application nor does the ISV sell it. ISV’s may range from large, globally established software companies to small geographically specific development companies.

Technology Partner

Technology Partners are leading global technology companies, with significant market share within their target market. Technology Partners provide the hardware platforms, devices, and/or operating systems that Globo software runs on. Our Technology Partners include hardware suppliers and operating systems vendors who do not resell Globo software.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) embed Globo’s technology onto their hardware or application, which cannot be unbundled, and is sold as a complete solution with the Globo component invisible to the end user.


Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are telecommunication organizations that act as an independent, non-exclusive authorized reseller of Globo products.


GO!Academy not only provides product knowledge & training, it also extends beyond traditional practices to promote learning and knowledge sharing through social networking of learners, tutors and users of the platform. Utilising the latest methods and tools in synchronous and asynchronous training, GLOBO Partners benefit from robust knowledge which is a fundamental tool to enable sales & success. GO!Academy enables our partners through Online Virtual Training and Live Instructor Training to achieve substantial knowledge and expertise of Market / Sales / Technology in order to deliver great results for your business. In order to obtain your username and password please first follow the “Become a Partner” procedure by joining us today.

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