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Complete Enterprise Mobility

A unique offering that covers all enterprise mobility needs, from mobile device management to mobile app development. 

Enterprise mobility is all about gaining real business advantage. Businesses need solutions that deliver measurable business improvements and efficiencies.By uniquely merging Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Application Development, we provide data security, management of apps and mobile devices, app development solutions and expert consulting.

Our solutions cater for a wide range of industries including highly regulated markets, with Globo being the only major mobility vendor that has received the US NIST FIPS 140-2 validation for all our offerings and major operating systems.

Our enterprise mobility products and solutions can help businesses:

  • Define the right enterprise mobility strategy, to increase revenue & productivity, lower costs and enhance customer experience.
  • Embrace BYOD and expand their business, offering a secure workspace approach that encrypts all the corporate data, and cleanly separates the corporate and personal apps and content.
  • Give freedom, flexibility, privacy, and peace of mind to the IT teams and keep users productive even far from the office, protecting corporate data.
  • Have a design-first approach that can attract customers with cutting- edge mobile apps.
  • Optimize business processes, gaining productivity efficiencies throughout their organization.
  • Empower employees with mobile technology on the go, while the business reaps measurable ROI for business operations — drive engagement, improve retention, increase revenue.

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