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Shipping Mobility Solutions

Faced with higher shipping costs and the need to accelerate time to market, the shipping industry looks to mobility to better meet changing business conditions.

With more than 90 percent of global trade carried by sea, the global economy is dependent on the international merchant fleet of bulk carriers and tankers to keep vital bulk commodities moving swiftly, safely, and efficiently. As a shipping company, you must operate across vast expanses of ocean and must rely on the timely coordination of information – both in port and at sea.

Getting Greater Visibility into Shipping Data

Your industry faces many significant challenges. Fuel costs alone comprise the largest cost element for virtually every shipping company today. You also need to leverage new technologies so you can better comply with new regulations, and gain greater visibility into your ship’s routing, as well as freight-rate volatility and shipping logistics.

Just as important, you face challenges getting real-time access to information on other vessels, weather, and load and discharge ports.

Enhancing Communications with Home

As your crews are being asked to work on increasingly complex equipment on ships, your ships may face challenges in areas such as engine monitoring, remote maintenance, automating processes, satellite delivery of electronic charts, and more. Mobile solutions can address these challenges. And with the ubiquity of anytime, anywhere access to information, your crew may also want better connectivity with home — from access to social media to news, entertainment, and more. In fact, there’s an exploding demand for broadband connectivity at sea accessed via mobile devices and apps.

The Globo Mobility Solution

Globo offers comprehensive enterprise mobility and mobile app development solutions and services. We enable mobility solutions for BYOD, COPE and organization-owned devices, and offer a wealth of security features that minimize the risk of unauthorized access, data leakage and other security breaches. Few other companies can provide end-to-end FIPS validation for devices, apps, and data.

Our mobility solutions for shipping will help you better respond to real-time shipping information from cargoes to weather and routes, to fuel pricing and freight rates. We offer mobile device, content, and application management, and a mobile application development platform that deliver on the promise of mobility for your industry. We can help you create a single app from design, development and deployment, or even create a mobile-enabled collaborative shipping hub that enhances your efficiency and profitability.

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